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Historical Sketch of the Old Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers ...

 By John Wesley Hanson
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By John Wesley Hanson
Published 1866
Lee and Shepard
United States
352 pages
Original from the University of California
Digitized Nov 15, 2007
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This facsimile reprint photo-reporduced by the Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts.


Presidency, perpetrated, called
Massachusetts, regiment, Sargent
Philadelphia, Jersey, crowds
Lexington, pantaloons, dress coats
trowsers, Colonel, gray
company K, ARRIVAL IN BALTIMORE, across the city
Follansbee, Pratt Street, Washington
Stoneham, Baltimore, nigger
STARS AND STRIPES, Dike, Baltimore
Congregational Church, Lexington, Ladd and Whitney
stand forever, Nineteenth of April, soil
July 22, Mount Clare, Relay House
MASSACHUSETTS, Commonwealth, collation
Pepperell, Quartermaster, Adjutant
Pepperell, Quartermaster, EDWARD F
Stars and Stripes, hail the Stars, token
MASSACHUSETTS, country's call, marched
gallant, heroes, Forgot
26th Mass, Groton, William Farnsworth
26th Mass, Worcester, Acton
April 19, 22d Mass, Cambridgeport
Stoneham, DARIUS N, U. S. Navy
Suffolk, Somerton, Blackwater
Chelmsford, 6th Mass, George W

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Historical Sketch of the Old Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers ...

by John W. Hanson - History - 2007 - 360 pages
Containing The History Of Several Companies Previous To 1861, And The Name And Military Record Of EachMan Connected With The Regiment During The War.
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Suffolk, Va - Page 163
I never wanted the pen of a Dickens and the pencil of a Hogarth, combined in one magic instrument, as I have since I have been here, in Suffolk, Va., ...
more pages: 252 253
Baltimore - Page 56
But four years have passed since they laid their lives down, on the pavements of Baltimore, and that city has not only become one of the most loyal in ...
more pages: 23 25 37 38 39 50 63 69 73 298
Vicksburg - Page 100
the other famous places in that region; and was the first regiment to make the voyage of the Mississippi after the fall of Vicksburg and Port Hudson.
more pages: 98 114
Boston - Page 50
They arrived in Boston at 5 o'clock, on the afternoon of May 2, and were escorted from the station of the Worcester Railway by the Independent Corps ...
more pages: 12 17 30 45 48 68 69 113 323 332
Philadelphia - Page 19
The regiment had scarcely retired to rest in Philadelphia, when the long roll sounded, and they were obliged to turn out, leaving Philadelphia at one ...
more pages: 40 42 45 68 146 147 298 299 300 305
Groton, Conn - Page 298
It immediately proceeded to Washington, via Groton, Conn., New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, arriving in the capital on the 22d. ...
more pages: 143
New York - Page 147
who had accompanied the regiment as far as New York, and had returned home to complete his arrangements ; and he assured all, from his knowledge of ...
more pages: 18 34 68 102 104 131 132 168 204 305
Arlington Heights - Page 298
De Russey, at Fort Corcoran, and was ordered into camp, in shelter-tents, in the rear of Fort CF Smith, on Arlington Heights, in old Virginia, ...
more pages: 304
New Orleans - Page 102
It was stationed a short time in New York, during the riots, and spent its last few months in New Orleans. The writer of this sketch saw it under ...
more pages: 112 126 134
Charleston - Page 336
Batchelder was in the siege of Charleston, and in the assault on the forts there, with the Fortieth Massachusetts, one of the finest regiments in the ...
more pages: 346
The New Jersey committee expressed what was undoubtedly the feeling of the nation at that time toward the regiment. , BERGEN POINT, NJ, May 25, 1861. ...
Wilmington, Del - Page 36
State Agent during the war, should be mentioned as one who was untiring in their behalf. He was a native of Wilmington, Del., but had.
Baton Rouge - Page 100
It completed its campaign of nine months at Port Hudson, Baton Rouge, and the other famous places in that region; and was the first regiment to make ...
Fredericksburg - Page 98
and was in the battle of Fredericksburg; and then went West, and saw Vicksburg fall, and participated in the glories of. the Mississippi campaign. ...
more pages: 318
Roanoke - Page 116
It has been in many engagements from Roanoke to Olustee, and has always borne itself with honor.
more pages: 121
Bethel, Me - Page 49
SUMNER HENRY NEEDHAM was born in Bethel, Me., March 2, 1828, and had lived in Lawrence about twelve years. He was a corporal in company I, ...
Sumter - Page 15
The first meeting held after the fall of Sumter was organized by the choice of Hon. Artemus Harmon, President; Dr. S. Sargent, Hon. ...
Annapolis - Page 95
Unfortunately, the books of this ancient company were lost in Annapolis, in 1861 : — CAPTAINS. — James Lewis,* William Farnsworth,* William Dalrymple ...
more pages: 24 182
Alexandria, NH - Page 48
LUTHER CRAWFORD LADD, of company D, son of John and Fanny, a native of Alexandria, NH, residing in Lowell, was a young mechanic of only seventeen ...
Manchester, NH - Page 115
Cooper, Manchester, NH ; 30th Mass. Micajah S. Cole, Manchester, NH ; in NH Willard Chaffin, Lawrence ; Mass. Battery. Oliver W. ...
Bradley, SD - Page 101
AR Brown, CS Hopkins, Reuben Frye, JR Melvin, JL Rollins, JB Kimball, John McCarty, Sumner Hylan, John Mack, Thos. D. Bradley, SD Shipley, JW Hadley. ...
Camden, NJ - Page 145
A delegation met us at Camden, NJ, headed by Mayor Henry ; and on our way into tha city, Mr. Thomas Webster addressed Col. Follansbee. ...
Beaufort, SC - Page 103
Cav. ;* wounded at Olus- tee, Fla., died Beaufort, SC Thomas Burns, Lowell ; in Mass. Frank Calvert, Montgomery, Ala. ; reached and joined the company ...
Fredonia, NY - Page 132
Holt, Fredonia, NY ; joined May 4 ; Capt. NY Edward T. Knowlton, Boston. James W. Keller, Boston ; Capt. NH James H. Le Favor, Boston ; 22d Mass.
Brooklyn, NY - Page 299
He was a resident of Brooklyn, NY His body was embalmed and sent to his friends. July 25th, Adjutant T. 0. Allen was elected major, ...
New Hampton, NH - Page 269
Wilson, 18, New Hampton, NH wounded May 15, '63. Dudley L. Watson, 26, Lowell. Frederick White, 30, Lowell. Robert H. Walker, 19, Winthrop. Benj. A. ...
Cambridge - Page 141
The place of the old company F was filled by a new company from Cambridge ; and the old company G was supplied by.
more pages: 203 276 277 278 279
Dunstable - Page 97
SOLOMON STORY, JR., Dunstable ; Musician in 1st Mass. Heavy Art.i PRIVATES. Avander N. Blood, Pepperell ; returned with the music by order of the ...
Windsor - Page 251
were directed to supply ourselves with three days' rations ; and toward night we moved for Windsor, a station on the Norfolk and Petersburg Kailroad. ...
Andover - Page 289
Hill, 40, Andover; furlough expired, April 22d, 1863. James W. Joyce, 21, Lawrence. George A. Knowles, 18, Lawrence. Daniel Leary, 19, Lawrence. ...
more pages: 290
Leicester - Page 340
John Nelson, DD, of Leicester), Daniel W. Lincoln, and thirty-three others. The first officers were Levi Thaxter, captain ; Enoch Flagg, ...
Lancaster - Page 340
William Lincoln (historian of Worcester) ; Joseph Wil- lard (historian of Lancaster) ; Brigadier-General William S. ...